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Champion®has been a leader in ignition products technology since Champion®Spark Plugs began manufacture in 1908. Since then Champion®has remained at the forefront. It was only natural that the brand would finally unveil its latest unmatched technology with the eon TITAN product range: 18 references for over 90% of EU car makes.


Champion®eon TITAN



Champion®eon TITAN is the result of the most intensive spark plug research & development programme ever. It combines Champion®’s automotive and non-automotive knowledge and premium technology to create the ultimate short range spark plug. A range so performant that with its only 18 references, it still manages to cover over 90% of EU car makes. A technology for today’s most advanced multi-valve, high efficiency engines.

The Ultimate Technology for Ultimate Performance in detail

  • Formula 1 technology for anti-flashover.
  • FISS suppressor for smoother balanced idling.
  • Thin walled copper core centre electrode for better heat dissipation.
  • Longer core nose/broader seat for wider heat range.
  • Wider gap for greatly improved performance.
    • Machined thermal contour centre electrode (CET1-9) for precious-metal performance on naturally aspirated engines.
    • Platinum fine-wire centre electrode (CET10P-18P) for maximum performance on turbo engines.
  • Titanium alloy poly-v ground electrode.
  • Improved ignitability, performance and durability by combining premium technology.

quick-look benefits

OE-matching quality

Produced according to the industry’s highest requirements

Made in europe

Developed, tested and produced in our global OE Faciliy in France

Super high-tech

Including all proven technologies and industry-first innovations


A product range that covers 90% of EU car makes with only 18 references